Tuesday, March 10, 2015

100 Reasons to Travel

1. To experience the WOW factor

2. To escape routine
3. To learn about new cultures
4. To witness the peak of human adaptability
5. To create new friendships
6. To find inner peace
7. To gain a new perspective
8. To de-stress
9. To discover yourself
10. To broaden your horizons
11. To master a new language
12. To sample new cuisines
13. To dare to be different
14. To expand your professional network
15. To put your problems into perspective
16. To see the beauty of nature
17. To reach new heights in common sense
18. To explore your creative side
19. To gawk at the man-made wonders of the world

20. To taste freedom
21. To grow personally and intellectually
22. To feel alive
23. To realize that humans are the same everywhere
24. To hone your self-confidence
25. To view “home” with a new pair of eyes
26. To attend unique cultural, art, and music festivals
27. To participate in an authentic cooking class with locals
28. To make yourself more interesting
29. To formulate more informed decisions
30. To debunk myths and stereotypes
31. To strengthen your social skills
32. To watch 24 hours of daylight
33. To admire art from all over the world
34. To situate yourself in the broader context of humanity
35. To introspect and appreciate the value of solitude
36. To be humbled
37. To curate a group of friends in all corners of the globe
38. To buff up your CV
39. To instill vitality into your academic education
40. To know that your basic needs are luxuries elsewhere

41. To get cultured
42. To heal old wounds
43. To feed your soul
44. To observe different ways of living

45. To quell your curiosities
46. To inject life into the cliché: you only live once
47. To become a storyteller
48. To eat your way through the world’s cultures
49. To think globally and act locally
50. To improve your sense of geography
51. To test and push your limits
52. To delve deeper into your talents and interests
53. To live a life without regrets
54. To ensure that you don’t take all that you have for granted
55. To adventure through spectacular realms of nature: forests, jungles, hot springs, and mountains
56. To reflect back on your life with fond memories and impress your older self
57. To place yourself in the driver’s seat of our own destiny
58. To encounter the complexities of the world and be aware of plaguing global social issues
59. To invest in your mental wellness

60. To open your mind and eyes
61. To try a new job that you would have never thought to try
62. To empower yourself
63. To change your life
64. To stay forever young at heart
65. To bring out your adventurous spirit
66. To pick up a new hobby
67. To fashion new thought processes
68. To notice the charm of EVERY country
69. To rev up your sense of empathy
70. To sharpen your sense of humor
71. To inspire and be inspired
72. To revive your joie de vivre
73. To challenge yourself constantly
74. To meet the world’s population one person at a time and make it a smaller place
75. To interact with animals in the wild
76. To stop making excuses for things you really want to do
77. To seek the thrill of new
78. To breed innovation
79. To effect positive change, one person at a time
80. To forge long-lasting relationships

81. To document life and improve your photography skills
82. To inch towards becoming a global citizen
83. To face your fears and gain courage
84. To mature and become independent
85. To lead by example for future generations
86. To volunteer and help improve the quality of someone else’s life

87.To acquire practical life skills and become more street-smart
88. To support the livelihoods of local artisans and craftspeople
89. To journey through the seven ancient wonders of the world
90. To serve as an unofficial diplomat for your country
91. To relive history through landmarks, museums, culture, and people
92. To awaken and fine-tune your senses
93. To fuel the local and global economies
94. To visit certain destinations before they’re extinct
95. To evolve into a happier, more well-rounded, and better person
96. To determine your purpose in life
97. To venture into the unknown
98. To tap into your untapped potential
99. To bridge the gap between people, cultures, and countries
100 . To LOVE…

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