Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Italy, France & England.

The summer of 2011, from June 19 to August 14, I traveled from Palermo, Italy to Manchester, England, 2080 km / 1290 mi. I visited 50 cities in 5 countries (The Vatican and Monaco count as countries hehe). These numbers are just that, numbers. They do not convey the joy and gratitude I feel in my heart for having met so many wonderful people and visited so many amazing places. I met most of them through They welcomed me and made me feel home for a day or two or more. We shared meals and stories. We walked around cities and beaches. We laughed and we were quiet. We learned from each other and shared our views on travel and life. Each place became a memorable moment because of them. I thank every one of them for making this the most awesome trip ever !!  

Martina, Bruna, Katryn, Natasja, Iwona, Sven: Praia A Mare
Nunzio, Vito, Natalia, Emma: Matera
Marina and her daughter: Taranto
Mina, Maria, Agata, Alessandro, Luca: Sorrento
Julie and Juliet: Florence
Chloe: Venice
Moreno and Luisa: Genoa
Magaly and her 2 sons: Nice
Chou and Lola: Avignon
Claude: Caen
Patti: Southampton
Tania: Oxford
Tatiana: London
Jane: Manchester
Ann Cat, Stephanie and Liz: Paris


1. Standing in front of Nike of Samothrace at the Louvre.
2. Stumbling upon a Picasso, Dali and Miro exhibition in Florence.
3. The Eiffel tower by night, Arch of Triumph by day.
4. Strolling around quaint little Ostuni, Bayeux, and Chester.
5. Hiking Cinque Terre
6. Swimming in Lipari and Vulcano off the coast of Sicily.
7. Riding a scooter down the Amalfi Coast.
8. Missing Florence to Venice train catching it in Milan.
9. Rome, Florence, Venice, London and Paris, what else can I say?
10. Fireworks in Matera, Italy; Avignon, France; and Southampton, England.

May all of us enjoy each day's small and great adventures !! 
Blessings to all my friends !! 

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